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Diagnostic tests are sometimes necessary to identify the underlying cause of your pet's illness when a thorough physical examination doesn't paint the whole picture. We have access to latest diagnostic technology that allows us to perform a wide range of tests. Test results can also help us in the early detection of diseases and other conditions affecting your pet’s health and well being.

All major and minor testing facility available.

  1. Routine complete blood count
  2. Liver function test
  3. Kidney function test
  4. Blood protozoa
  5. Thyroid
  6. All other blood profile
  7. Skin scraping tests
  8. Vaginal cytology
  9. Different hormonal diagnosis
  10. All other imp. Tests

Pets planet india has tie-up with spectrum laboratory USA for allergy test and treatment for those patient where skin allergies or food allergy is present and patients are not responding to any kind of treatment.